Eating Right for Dental Health: What to Consume and Avoid

Dental health starts in You read that correctly! Of course, brushing, flossing and regular dental visits are important, but they aren't the only things to consider when it comes to keeping your pearly whites in tiptop shape. Most people understand that they should limit the sweets and candy they take in, but beyond sugary foods, what should and shouldn't you be consuming? Here are some do's and don'ts to help you eat right for your oral health.

The Do's of Eating for Dental Health To promote good oral health, the majority of your diet should consist of the following foods:

Keep in mind that even healthy foods may contain sugar, so its always important to brush your teeth twice a day.

The Don'ts of Eating for Dental Health

Knowing what you shouldn't eat often is as important as knowing what you should. While some healthy eating don't are obvious, some aren't as well known:

Eating Healthy for Your Teeth Means Eating in Moderation

You don't have to go to extremes. You can still enjoy many fo the don'ts in moderation and if you brush directly after consuming them. Limiting the don'ts and focusing on the do's will not only give you a brighter smile, but also help to improve your overall health.


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