Patient Instructions Following Scaling & Planning


Following scaling and root planing you can expect to notice less redness, less bleeding and less swelling of your gum tissues. Your mouth will taste better and feel better. Your gum health can then be maintained with proper homecare and regular professional care.


Discomfort or pain should not be acute and will subside in a few hours. Discomfort immediately following therapy is usually associated with slight throbbing or aching. Use a non-aspirin analgesic such as Advil or Tylenol, if required.

Tooth Sensitivity

Teeth may be sensitive to temperature changes and/or sweets. The sensitivity to temperature may be noticeable the first several days and usually diminishes quickly. Application of a desensitizing fluoride may be recommended.


Some slight bleeding may occur during the next several brushings. The bleeding should diminish in a few days.


As the gums heal they may change their shape around the teeth. This is normal as they tighten.

Instructions to Minimize Symptoms

If extensive root planing was performed, chewing hard foods such as meat or raw vegetables may be uncomfortable. This should last only a few days. A soft diet is advised until chewing becomes normalized.

Discomfort/ Sensitivity
If a local anesthetic was used, avoid chewing foods until feeling returns to avoid injury to the tongue and cheeks. Acetaminophen or a non-aspirin analgesic should be taken as recommended to reduce discomfort. If tooth sensitivity persists, use of a desensitizing agent may be required.

Oral Hygiene
If the gums are tender, brush your teeth gently but thoroughly. This may require more time than normal. Do not floss or use the Rota-dent on the side worked on for the first three days. By the third or fourth day normal oral hygiene techniques may be resumed. Mouth rinsing is recommended with either of the following solutions: 1) an antimicrobial rinse 2) a warm salt-water rinse. Use of either of these rinses should be limited to one or two consecutive weeks.

Special Instructions
If symptoms are severe or persistent, please call our office immediately.


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